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Monday, August 6, 2012

Enjoy the Decline or AKA: Gaming the System.

So today I get a little yellow slip in my Mailbox at lunch. It tells me that since a signature is required for my three packages, they are waiting on me at the Post Office. I immediately go to the Post Office. If my packages actually were loaded on the truck, they would not be at the Post Office at this time, yet they were there.

There is no urgency here. I hear two people out of earshot talking about how politicians greed has brought the USPS to this point. HA! USPS will be insolvent in a couple of months due to pensions more than anything else. 

Finally, a young woman reviews my slip of paper. Starts to look in the envelope sorter for my packages. I tell her they will not be there, they are heavy. She finds my packages in the bottom of a canvas roll around cart. She gamely attempts to pull one out of the cart and simply tells me: "We are supposed to be able to lift 70 pounds and I told them I am not doing that". That was the quote of the day right there.  

I ask her if she can hold the door open for me as I retrieve the packages. She does so and I make three trips. 

Inside the boxes we find this (click to enbiggen):

So lets recap. For a total of 47.10 bucks American, one box of 4000 rounds of 9mm jacketed bullets at 115 gr. weighs in at 65 Lbs, not counting the packaging. The 2000 rounds of 230 gr. .45ACP run the same. The 1000 rounds of .380 at 95 gr. weighs in at 13 pounds. Total for all three packages 143 pounds. Humped from here to here:

Heh. So how are the bullets? 

They will work! 



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Very nice indeed.

    I need to get my reloading equipment setup again (have to build a reloading bench for it first).

    Perhaps I'll start reloading 9mm, but I'm trying to figure out if there's decent cost savings or not on it. I've only been loading 45 ACP and 44 Mag previously.

    1. I reload 9's, but I dial them down to just run the gun. You are right though. time + supplies equals something.

  3. "...I told them I am not doing that."


    Nice ammo, anyway. :)