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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Suzi on the line!

So I visit my Curmudgeon and we get to it with Suzi (M1 Carbine) at a super secret testing facility. I was stunned to see him take right to it with Appleseed worthy sling skills. He also took advantage of something to lean on. It seems that he has done this before! Looks like this:

We have a small problem though. Ocassionaly the bolt will be to the rear and will not feed a new round into the chamber. I dont know where the magazine came from that came with it, and magazines for active service were considered disposable I am told. Got two from the Interwebs and even with new rifle springs and a complete Bolt assembly it still does the same thing. So, try different magazines first.

This arrived today. I will get a chance to try it out either before or after my new shooter class on Saturday or at lunch during my Concealed Carry class on Sunday (Fathers Day people!) 

It also appeared to be a slow news day in nearby Metropolis yesterday. Coworker today called up and said he saw me on the news last night. I don't remember any party getting out of hand here last night! Fox reran this from a year ago. 

Anyone have any suggestions on the failure to feed on the M1 Carbine?


  1. I'm going to assume you've properly lubricated everything, so the question is; is the bolt 'locking' back or just sticking at the rear of the action? If it's locking back, that could be the tab on the mag, if it's sticking, it may be that the mags are sliding too far into the action due to a worn/loose mag release. Just my .02 worth...

    1. NFO- It is the latter. The is the only thing I have not putzed with! I'll get right on it and thanks!

  2. I'd agree. Try swapping the mag release out. Simple fix.

  3. You're getting on the news more and more... I gotta get your autograph! ;)

  4. IMO it's the tabs on the backs of some magazines that just aint right.
    All my old GI magazines worked just fine and none of my new after-market ones worked worth a crap. With the dimples in the wrong place (and slightly smaller than spec) the magazine isn't held up in the mag-well far enough to consistently stip the next round.
    We have that problem with a lot of our Club M1 Carbines (about ten or eleven rifles) - they just don't always feed right and act like jam-o-matics with the CA mandated 10-round mags...
    Hey, why aren't you on my blogroll? Fixed it.