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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

De-Bubbaing Step One

Remember this? The Enfield #1Mk3? I have the correct end cap for it. In fact I have two.

So the rifle is still pretty much blued. These are not. Attempt some of this or not on an end cap?

I have heard that this stuff is not durable and all that. Let's face it. She is going to get shot next time I get up to Murphy's country and then probably spend the remainder of its life with me in a safe. Plus I LOVE experimenting with this sorta stuff.

What say you? 


  1. It'll work for a while... If you want to play, go play :-)

  2. Do it.............or go old-school and put black enamel on it.

  3. If you want it to last, have it hot dipped by a professional. But it will cost you! If you want to see a good re-bluing job, hubby's Browning T-bolt had to be redone because some salt had gotten into the stock.

    Hubby has had mixed results in the past with the cold bluing products.

  4. Do it. Fun and knowledge in the same packsge - a win-win.

  5. Negative, use British Ordinance black enamel paint to be historically correct, this paint is available through Brownell’s and others. However, you can cheat a little and simply use non-gloss black enamel paint and few would notice a difference.

  6. I've used the Birchwood/Casey cold blue kits on to different guns over the years... an old Stevens single-barrel shotgun and a S&W Model 10... I had good results on both, but it took several applications on the S&W to get the results/coloring I wanted...

    Dann in Ohio

  7. If your gonna just paint 'er try the Rustoleum high-temp grill paint!