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Saturday, June 30, 2012

I really used to be anal about stuff...

Place for everything, everything in its place. I mean like right then, right now. As I have gotten older and live alone, I have sort of adapted the "well if I put it there it will be there when I get back" attitude. Of course I also used to have the shut the nightclubs down attitude and now happy if I can shut the Cracker Barrel down. Sigh....

Some things still reach a boiling point though even now. Opening a drawer tonight yielded this:

Too many parts, no organization. I actually found a complete spring kit for a Beretta 92FS. Hell, I don't even own one! 

Enter the coolest things ever. They are stackable, clear and have a positive lock. Both sizes stack as they have interlocking tops and bottoms. Works great for ammo too (oh, if you see the cheesy cheese slicer in the photo, can anyone recommend a good one).


I LOVE these things. 

It does not stop however. FedEx brought this today as I was away:

I reload and you may ask why I bought 9mm rounds. Well, I have been to many classes and have observed guns throw up on a overcharged round, or be done with a squib load. I prefer to focus on the instruction, plus people are on the line with me. I mess up a reload, bad on me. Hurt someone else, unacceptable.  Factory ammo is not perfect, but one less thing for me to worry about. Plus I would not want to embarrass A Girl and Her Gun at class in Sept. 

So if you noticed the .44 Special ammo you may be asking what's up with that. It is an old demon that needs to be mastered. 

The last time I shot this thing oh, 37 years ago with Magnum cartridges, I had a really nice laceration on the right hand from the hammer spur. We are going to start slowly this time. 


  1. Oh, boy.....organizing the workspace! I was the same way until I moved in with (and married!) my girlfriend. As her son, his buddy, and I, gathered up all the stuff I'd accumulated in 14 years of bachelorhood, I told myself I'd organize it after we got it all moved.
    I spent several hundred bucks on Rubbermaid tubs and smaller containers, labeled all of them, and got 90% of my stuff sorted out, and properly stored.
    Man, what a difference it made!
    I can now go to things in the garage and find them! I still have a bunch more organizing to do, but the frustration level of not being able to find parts, or whole assemblies, has dropped considerably.
    Good for you!

    1. drjim- I am not even going to talk about the electronic stuff right now! +1 on the finding stuff now though. Frustration is one thing, spending bucks on something you ALREADY have is that squared.

  2. I've lost track of the times I had to buy something again because I couldn't find the one I already had!
    She kinda looked at me funny when I bought a SECOND rolling cab and top box for my tools, but I had the drawers in my "#1 Box" overflowing with stuff.
    Just organizing the collection of "wall warts" I collected over the years helped, and sorting my gun stuff into "cleaning supplies", "repair parts" and "special gun tools" made a big difference in that area.

    1. LOL! I am starting to be overwhelmed here and my current plan is unacceptable. Lots of stuff, no organization. I allowed myself to get this lazy, no more. I have about 1700 Sq. Ft. of house. It's full of stuff!

      Sounds like you have a great partner.

  3. Oh my gosh, I just had this conversation with myself this morning. I used to be the most organized person around, but lately, I have section of my closet that has been over run with gun this and that. Need a system...thanks for the tip.

    Can't wait til September...hopefully, I won't embarrass you:)

    1. Looking forward to class. I have a closet that is totally overrun with gun stuff. Trying to get it under control!

      I doubt you will embarrass me. My only goal in training is to not be "that guy" or girl!

  4. I just moved from a 740 sq ft. house to an 11x17 apartment (room).
    Divested myself of about 40% of useless crap, unneeded furniture and 30% of my books (and one of three bookcases) to do it!
    Feng shui all the way! (joke)
    Here is the ultimate grater. The co. also makes a tool for grinding calluses - awesome!

    Good Luck!

  5. The perfect cheese slicer - It's called a knife. If you must use a wire slicer because some greedy cheese-maker left too much water in the cheese, get the kind attached to a cutting board with a slot on one end and a pivoting handle for slicing. Not sure where ours is. If I find it, I'll take a picture and send it to you. Hubby can't really have much cheese anymore; it's stored around here somewhere. It could be in the basement, 1st floor, 2nd floor, or attic - might take a while.

  6. I love those stacking, locking lid containers... we picked up a bunch of the same at Wally World... great for storing brass from various calibers for reloading...

    Yeah, not that factory loads are perfect, but I require factory new cartridges and no magnums for my courses...

    Dann in Ohio