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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kel-Tek Part III

I am about done with the Kel-Tek P3-AT. I don't trust it. So looking around the interwebs I ran across this:

Ok, so S&W is selling a .380 semi-auto at about the same price a Kel-Tek and a crimson trace would cost. It's DAO but also has a thumb safety. Interesting, but I hear that may be for the Kalifornia market. No biggie to me as I always sweep the thumb anyway, the Colt Mustang has a propensity to drive the thumb up after shooting (activating the safety) and the Combat Commander is always "cocked and locked" so no big deal.

But I have problems with the commercial. Women get the revolver and guys get the semi-auto. Still. And lets whip something out and sweep the place. Need dry ice and fog to make the gun look cool nowadays I reckon. For such a storied manufacturer I expected better.

Even worse is the fact that after calling two gun stores they give me the slack-jawed look and say they know nothing about this gun. According to Smith, its available May 2010. Sigh...

I will not entertain debate here on the "minimum stopping power caliber" war. I know that something is better than nothing, and I don't have a lot of options for carrying concealed.

For those lamenting the lack of .380 ammo, I feel your pain! That is why I felt compelled to do this:

I can make it!


  1. You're not the first, and I'm SURE not the last to want to get away from KelTec... I've had ONE .380, and that was a Browning 1910 I sold it to a collector a couple of years ago when I was consolidating calibers. My BUG/small carry is now a Colt Agent. Good luck finding one in May

  2. @Old NFO. I will go to the NRA thing this weekend, I noted your distaste and I agree about the CCW thing (I am permitted), but I will go to the S&W booth and ask about the weapon. I will also go to the Kel-Tek booth and vent. I will also go to the Colt Collectors booth and ask about the .38 auto I currently have parked in the safe. I have only one comment on the 1905 Auto hanging out temporarily in my safe.

    I don't have a problem with the caliber, there are two Mustang's here that perform well, but I will not carry them.

    Colt Agent? Sounds interesting! I will investigate.

    Thanks for posting! Just for that I will Retro Sunday a advertisement for the Colt .45 from back in the day.