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Friday, May 7, 2010

For anyone coming to Charlotte next week! Range! UPDATE!

If you are coming for the NRA convention and just need to shoot something while you are here (I will not jump into the firearm ban debate at the convention). I suggest two places. First, Elite Training Academy (I prefer this range BTW), second, Firepower. If you go to Firepower ask for Ben, at Elite, ask for Paul or Ken.

If you want to shoot and give someone grief over their skills, drop me a note at keads3 AT gmail DOT com.

If you are flying in commercial or can't have a firearm for driving through not happy states, both ranges have rentals or I can offer admittedly old school stuff.  Colt combat commander series 80 .45 or a Colt .38 Special Detective special revolver. We are not talking about the totally problematic Kel-Tek .380 right now!

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