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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Some Days are Like This

First we start off with my friends at Elite Training doing what they do. Here is a qual course of fire for armed security at someplace that has a bad habit of cars moving at high speeds and taking a left turn:

Then to my friend at the range that split an order of magazines with me. 

Thanks! I always say it is not the arrow most times it is the Indian. It DOES help if you have a good arrow though!

Then back to amazingly domestic. Hey Nancy! Am I doing this right? 


  1. Very close! Next time put your spacer between the button and the fabric. When you're done with the button, wrap a little thread around that shank you made - sort of like chafing gear on a boat. Also watch out that you don't sew that button on so thoroughly that if there's too much stress on it, the fabric tears instead of the thread letting go. IIRC, your shirt buttons don't seem to strain at all, so you should be good. *grin*