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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Looks like Smith and Wesson gave up on Insight

For the Bodyguard line of handguns. First they seem to have rebranded them into the M&P line and then announce they are now available with Crimson Trace lasers. As an early adopter of this .380 after less than a satisfactory experience with the *-Tek something .380, I picked one of these up when first introduced.  Make no mistake, the trigger is like pulling a sled through a gravel pit, but for what it is and what it does I find it acceptable. Besides, if I put this in a pocket holster I WANT a long trigger on it. Real Estate there is probably not worth as much as I think but.....

Although I think a laser on a "bad breath" distance defensive handgun is a bit superfluous I payed for it and it should work. This is Insight laser #3 on this thing. S&W replaced it free every time. 

Interesting to see that Crimson Trace has stepped up to replace the Insight laser it seems.

Looks like a drop in so S&W did not have to change anything except the laser branding on the lower. Wonder if they will send me one and is it really a direct replacement? Looks like it.  

Oh, +1 on the "Don't look at laser with remaining good eye" stickers on the video! Heh...


  1. Iron sights... NO batteries required... ;-D

    1. Yeah, I know. I paid for the cat pointer thingy though and it should work as advertised =)

  2. I wish the "no laser" variant had come out first.

    I love a laser on a pocket pistol... won't carry a J-frame without one, as a matter of fact... but unless it's grip activated, it's next to useless. That button out on the dust cover might as well be in Albania for all the chance I'd remember to push it in a hurry.

    1. Indeed Tam. I don't think I would activate the laser either if the balloon went up.