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Monday, July 14, 2014

Sigh... Everyone is Offended Now.

So New Zealand Airlines comes up with a new safety video using swim suit models. A bunch of people get bent.

They pull the video. Sigh... I at times figure things were better when you were glad to be on an aircraft going where you wanted to go (well except with ML, I did not know where I was going but did not care). 

From 1972 here is this commercial. 

What the hell happened? Is everyone offended at everything now? I'm more offended that the #2 Engine appears to need some compressor work here. 


  1. Tried to post a comment but it did not go through. I don't know if it was on my end, or what. I wanted to say that these days, a vocal minority can easily force their views to the fore, and override normal people.

  2. Yes, everybody gets their panties in a bunch over everything. Tends to make me want to say things just to annoy.

    Now I want to go to the Cook Is., though.

  3. everything is devolving into "that which is not mandated is prohibited" design.

  4. Ye gods and little fishies! What is offensive about that?

    So many people refuse to pay attention to the safety briefing at the beginning of a flight that I figure that -anything- that gets them to pay the least attention is a good thing. They might actually pick up the one thing that saves their life, just in case theirs is the -one- flight that goes down.

    Good for New Zealand Air for having come up with this! Too bad they pulled it.

  5. There are those who are just sitting around, waiting for the chance to be offended at anything at all, just ... because.

  6. i thought it was cute. pity some knuckleheads couldn't appreciate the fun of it.

  7. Annoying that people could be offended by it.

    I could see the FAA raising an objection that male viewers would be focusing on attributes other than safety during the briefing. Then again, it certainly grabs your attention much better than an average passenger briefing

  8. I'd fly their airline just because if they'd keep that video. Bet you five dollars that the complainers were either man-hating "womyn" who are jealous of these babes or overweight chicks who just hate because they have to buy two seats every time that they fly.