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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sigh! Summer of Hardware is Over.

After the NRA-AM, the CMP M1 AMC, and building a M4, I'm done for the Summer. I do have this to show for it though.

I left the M1 Carbine with the CMP Custom Shop for a tech inspect and sighting in at 100 yds. Just got it back yesterday. It has a clean bill of health. They found the rear sight somewhat lacking and replaced it with the same period late model sight that was on it when I got it. 

So now after NFO's recommendation on a Troy rear sight for the NEW carbine and an Aimpoint PRO as well I'm done. 

I hope a mythical creature shows up here and drops a small stack of hundreds on the front porch before the Colt Collectors meeting here in October! 



  1. That's one drool-worthy photo, right there. Very, very nice!

  2. Looks like an impressive battery, indeed. Well done.

    1. Coming from you that means a lot my friend! Can't wait to bring this stuff north!

  3. Nice toys... :-) Now go buy ammo... and more ammo... :-)

  4. Small stack of hundreds? Shoot, I'd settle for a small stack of .22LRs...

    Dann in Ohio