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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pick a Pair Part Three

So my friends of high esteem throw out some interesting posts. Old NFO started it and the premise is simple:

You have 5 minutes…
The safe is open, the roads are blocked and you’re going to be walking…
For miles… Just you, your BOB (50ish lbs without ammo), and whatever you pick out of the safe…
Which pair do you pick?

Then Murphy's Law (I'm told he is an excellent driver) does a part two. 

Here is my post but with some constraints. I have several bugout locations with much more hardware than is currently here, so I selected among my limited long gun "in arms" reach hardware.  One bugout location has certain advantages over the other, but I will stay with this precept. 

Without further ado:

Number 1 

Winchester Classic Model 94 in .30-30 and Colt 1911 Commander in .45ACP (with CT laser and Trijicon night sights).

Number 2

M-4 Carbine in .223 with Aimpoint Pro optic and Troy sights. Smith and Wesson M&P VTAC with CT lightguard in 9mm.

Number 3
Winchester SXP Defender shotgun in .12 ga, Smith and Wesson Model 638-3 Airweight in .38 SPL. 

Number 4
Winchester Model 9422 in .22 Magnum, Colt Match Target Woodsman in .22 LR

Number 5

M1 Garand in .30 cal, Colt Defender in .45 ACP.

That was a fun exercise guys! Thanks a lot!




  1. Tough call between #1 and #2 but I think that I'd be going with #2 just as soon as I was able to cut down someone's clothesline to make a sling for the rifle. I'd feel really bad leaving a cherry M-1 like that behind, but I've carried heavy rifles for long distances before and you get to hatin' on 'em something awful before too long.

    1. I have a single point sling for the M-4. I hear ya on the M-1, but I would take the firing pin out of it before I left.

  2. #1 of course, and your's are MUCH prettier than mine! But no revolvers??? Or were they the BUG that was already in your pocket? ;-)

    1. Heh, apparently the Airweight does not count =) How about a Detective Special in the BUG?

  3. Given the choices, #2. But really, given a choice,I'd go with none of those, but rather a decent .22 autoloader rifle and a decent 1911.

    if I needed a better rifle later, I'd use the .22 to "Acquire" one.....

    1. I hear ya. Make no mistake there are several .22 auto-loaders here. This was for fun!

  4. No. 5
    M1 Garand and a .45. Winning wars since 1941.

  5. M1 Garand and a .45 for a lot of good reasons.