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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

One of These is not Like the Other!

So while at the National Corvette Museum I noticed oh seven or so new ones in the lobby roped off. I did not get it until I got to the front of one and it said this car was to be delivered to such and such and so and so today. It is an option code and for a K, you can get your new ride delivered to the museum from the assembly plant across the street. You get VIP passes and all of the fluff. I'll admit I applauded when I watched Mr. and Mrs. SWPL drive out of the lobby. Well Mr. rode and museum staff drove it out of the building. If you are plunking down 60K or so, I will applaud ya!

It seems to be a big deal as I watched this as I was leaving. New Vette's being delivered for the delivery option.


  1. They can keep their plastic fantastic. I'd rather have the 'Stang. :)

    1. Shepard, The Museum almost made me want one! Then, I got ahold of myself. If I were to spend 60K on a car it would be on a Shelby Mustang. I did complement the new owners AND applaud as they left. I found that they were well, not as cool as others, they viewed me with apprehension as I was trying to congratulate them. Sigh....

  2. Plastic GM car vs. a pony car? No contest, esp. if it's a Shelby.

    Sounds like the new buyers there were already regretting their purchase as they eyed your much classier ride. Screw 'em.

  3. I NEED a new Vette. "Course I also need to eat. And make my mortgage payment. And buy ammo. And...


  4. At least they let you park in the lot... :-) Glad to hear you got a chance to see the place! :-)