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Friday, April 4, 2014

Sometimes the Techobabble is Worth the Effort!

Random tech notes from the past couple of days. Although I grumble about the ministrations to make all the tech stuff work, sometimes favor can be found. 

Take this for example.  A fellow Blogger went to a concert last night and posted a link to a youtube video of one of the songs by the band. I listened to it at *ahem* work and heard it through the really crap speakers and monitor there. 

I came home and searched for the link on my PC to send to my TV and home audio system. I was rewarded via Wi-Fi connection of the TV by this:


Although the audio was compressed, it was good enough after running through the receiver's gentle algorithms for restoration. A bit better than RIAA equalization  as a matter of fact. Good enough means that. Not as good as the CD or *gasp* vinyl it did rock the house though. 

Then this. 


Gismo on the right is the at&t Wireless Home Phone thingy. After dealing with the local Telco last year, this was painless. 

I have my problems with at&t. 

They got this right though. Porting the number? Done. Two day delivery of the gismo and simple activation? Done. 

 Don't get me wrong. I still like old school!


Just nice to see all the happy shiny stuff work for a moment.


  1. Replies
    1. So. #1. Glad you are feeling better! #2. I can assume you will NOT be attending the Colt Collectors Association Convention here in October? Concord supposedly has a great little airport.

      Have a great weekend =)

      I will find some little thing around here that does not have a pony on it for ya and post it! It will be hard to do, but we aim to please!

  2. Nothing wrong with the Ponies. And S&W still rotates the wrong direction. :)

  3. Any time you get all the pieces going in the same direction it's all good! and nice little revolver there! :-)

    1. Thanks! Indeed. I love this little Colt!

  4. Old school is good. Especially when it goes "bang!"

    1. LOL! I agree. This Colt is one of my favorites.

  5. Those things work. Have 2 of them. Only $10 each when piggybacked on the more expensive cell phones. No problems after a year with one of them.