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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hmm.... uh, technology!

Because I have a deep loathing for large monopolistic entities I have decided to switch from one to the other. TWC/Comcast has my primary phone service here at stately manor with a VOIP modem. 50 bucks American a month. 

AT&T at&t sent me a letter offering this:

What is it? A Cell phone disguised as home phone service. At 20 bucks American a month I thought I would give it a try. The hardware has shipped, lets see if porting the number over from TWC goes as smooth. I'm thinking not. at&t did not ask for third party verification for the port. 

As with all such matters if all goes by the book, its swell. Any deviation and I stand a good chance of loosing service for a bit of time. 


  1. Just a suggestion:

    Get a BIG battery backup for the device. If power goes out you'll not have a dial tone.

  2. Be interested if this works...

  3. No dial tone w/o power for VOIP lines either. I have mine on a UPS. Of course that doesn't mean the cable connection to the house will survive whatever knocked the power out.

    Following Hurricane Sandy there were POTS lines down everywhere around my area (all our lines, power, cable, POTS are strung on poles). The POTS lines were the last to be repaired - if they were. Many seem to have just been rolled up and tied to the poles.

    The last reason to keep a POTS line was dial tone in almost any circumstance other than the loss of the line to your home. That has been deteriorating rapidly, at least in high density population areas because as more an more people switch to all cellular and/or VOIP, there is decreasing incentive and increasing relative costs for the phone companies to maintain those lines. POTS is dying.

  4. Good luck, and what Old NFO said.

  5. I got mine from Verizon. It works well, the sound is good and you can take it with you on the road.