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Sunday, April 6, 2014

How fast was that going?

A friend wanted to see how his 9mm reloads were running at 3.9 grains of Titegroup powder with 124 Gn bullets. I brought this to the range:

A Competition Electronics Chronograph. Here are the results:

 Last round was a Speer Personal Defense round for comparison. 

Interesting spread. The pistol ran fine but occasionally would not go to slide stop. He's going to bump it up a tenth of a grain and we will repeat.


  1. I load 124s with 4.4gr titegroup my 75b and Inglas Browning eat it up.

  2. Those seem a 'tad' inconsistent... And 100FPS slow is less than I'd like.

  3. What NFO said. I'd be upping the charge and looking at reaching better operating pressures.