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Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Pins Are Ready!

And so are the prizes. Are you? I am always stunned at the "gunnie" community. It is truly an amazing thing to watch people come together to help another. I am truly honored to be associated with this group. We are doing this for Dawn. The Web Site is here for the event. The pins are pink for tomorrow.

The prizes look just as good!

Come if you can!  Me? No I don't think I will have time to shoot. I'm giving a Basic Pistol class to people that will donate but not compete. That's OK too. Mr. and Mrs. Curmudgeon will be in attendance and that is always a good thing. They might even shoot the pins. 

The closest thing to A "BBQ pistol" I have is this. 

 I'll be taking it. 


  1. Very nice, and I hope y'all raise a BUNCH for her!!!

  2. I am constantly reminded over the years that folks with guns are good folks... I hope you have a big success!

    Dann in Ohio