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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

If This Is Tech Support.....

The best I can do after a week of fummotzing around looking for any tech support for Cincinnati Dynacomp Cincinnati Electrosystems, TotalControl, GEFanuc operator workstations ended here. Plus side? Well, I get to set the wayback machine and boot a computer to DOS and whip out the RS-232 stuff. Minus? I HATE serial com. 


  1. LOL, at least you're not going all the way back to Octal.. :-) and I 'think" I still have a DOS 3.3 book around somewhere...

    1. Oh I beg to differ Sir! The PLC the workstation is connected to is in octal. Sigh......

  2. And even a "fast" serial port is sooooo sloooow compared to what we're used to these days!