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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dear Colt.....

Well Colt seems to have stumbled into the Interwebz. I got this email tonight:

Dear Valued Customer,
Colt's Manufacturing Company is currently conducting a market research study to learn how we can better serve you. We value your opinion and would appreciate your help filling out our first ever customer survey.
We assure you that the information you provide will be used for market research purposes only. Your responses are completely anonymous. Simply click on the link below:
Hey, I love my Colts. The oldest one is a model 1902 .38 Automatic. A direct link to the M1911.  The newest is a M45. Sadly, I fear it will be as always too little, too late for the blue dome. They said they were giving up on the consumer market and split the company in half. They have since reformed into one entity.  If I wanted to overpay and get crap customer service I might as well buy H&K *ducks*.

As a young friend of mine that is knowledgeable and proficient with handguns says: "What happens to Colt when you old guys die off? In the world of Ruger, Glock, S&W, etc, what does Colt bring to the game NOW?" He is asking a great question. 
Here is your chance. I will take the survey and pile your comments in as well. I will also be attending the Colt Collectors Annual Convention this fall in Charlotte.

Oh but they are beautiful working pieces of art. I DO have a soft spot for them. 


  1. Still hating on Colt's customer service after all these years,

    The guns maybe nice, but when you have a problem with one, screw you.

  2. Yeah, they DO have an issue or three with customer service... sigh

  3. Never needed customer service.

    Colt isn't going anywhere. A first gun buyer will get a cheap knockoff 1911 from some Chinese company, or a Glock. But eventually the shiny metal envy will get the best of him and he will trade up.

  4. I have no experience with Colt's customer service but I will say that some of the stuff coming out of their custom shop is first rate. Their 3 Gun rifle may be the best out there. That said, the hits about CS will keep me away from Colt. There's an awful lot of manufacturers out there who want my money and act like it. I've been spoiled by Sig :)