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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Thanks Technology!

Hey. I'm a geek and yet I still get frustrated with less than thought out tech. Check this out.

This is a ETL Secure Logic wall safe. I installed it oh, about 6 years ago. It is basically a steel box attached to interior wall studs. I would not put the family jewels in here as the easiest way to defeat this thing is a battery powered circular saw to remove it from the wall studs. It IS a steel box that would drive your average crack head crazy though and is fantastically convenient.

It is powered by one of these. 

A battery (duh). So what do we keep it in it? Routine stuff. It's rather pedestrian too. 

Sadly though, while attempting to replace the battery one of the leads came off the motherboard. It was not soldered, wire tied, or any other known form of stress relief for a wire known to man or child. Simply pressed on a pin on the board. So now I have to remove this thing from the wall and see if I can can repair it. 

In the meantime, the company seems to have gone the way of many others. No customer service, no phone number, no Website. 

Sigh.... I guess that when it comes to the stuff that matters I stick to such (low) tech:





  1. Thinkgeek has this stuff that might work...
    Conductive Glue

  2. Don't forget to take photos of your repair success or fail. Because Even if you dont get your repair working, it may help someone else in this big interweb thing.

  3. I like the low tech version too... :-)

  4. Yep, still like mechanical tumblers.