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Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Man Movie

With all apologies to my great friend Murphy's Law with his fantastic Saturday Man Movies posts, I present this.

I have not seen it in some time. Here is the trailer:


If you need an update on it, here is a retelling. 


  1. Hey, man!

    And I did that one a couple of months ago. GMTA on classics like that.

    1. ML, I know. I have just never received it on Amazon Prime beamed directly to the TV. My bad. It looks great though =)

  2. Classic movie with some great lines in it.

    "Because he's the Captain, and that's why he is and you aint!"

  3. Yep, great lines and great movie!

  4. I was watching TEB on one of Washington, DC's 5 commercial stations (Ya, a long time ago). My sister Kim said "Oh no! Not another war movie."
    I waited until the next commercial break and turned off the TV.
    "WAIT! What happens next?" Kim yelled. I ended up getting her a VHS copy some years ago.