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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekend Update!

First up a shout out to my RSO's this weekend as we congratulate many new shooters and CCH class students. They rock on the line as I do the administrative stuff. 

So I have decided to stick the rear quarter window louvers  on the new ride. A precursor is to insure that you cannot see the unpainted side of them inside the car. OK. I'm on it. 




Flat black window decal.  That is functional all by itself.  Less UV and heat inside. The best part? The bling will attach to them making it all that more easy to revert to stock later.

This was a cake walk.  



  1. Glad to see youre enjoying your ride :)

  2. Looking good, and creating a MONSTER blind spot! :-)

  3. That's it!
    I'm selling out my share of the moneypit boat and buying cars, and moving out to the country where I have more than one tree in my yard.
    I haz an envy.