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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mustang Love

So today was wonderful. Shirt sleeve weather and new flooring pretty much done (more later). 

The 1994 Mustang may have felt neglected after all that has transpired. No, Francis is my daily ride. Yes I do at times take her for granted but today some care after a new windshield last week.

Although I am a stickler for factory correct on the old rides, I modify the newer ones subtly. I hated the tail lights on the 94 so I changed them as soon as the 96 lights came out. 


I love the sequential taillights on the 2013. They harken back to the Shelbys and Cougars.

No, not those Cougars, the Mercury ones of long ago. It seems that you can retrofit for old school turn signals on the 96. So we get to it. 

Replace the wiring harness for the tail light. Got it. 

No big deal there, but something is lacking. Lets take a look:



On the bolts you can see some dead body sealer. That prevents water from getting into the trunk. Well it did 10+ years ago. 

Need some of this:



Magic sticky body sealer. Applied to the threads correctly you end up with this. 

Nice residue as you tighten the bolt. Good seal.   

So was it worth it? 

Well I think so. 

So we go to the 2013.  Any self respecting Mustang should have the tri-bar pony somewhere on it and I need to modify this thing. We start subtly. The trunk. 




So the weight limit is tough. 3 pounds per pouch. I'm thinking a small first aid kit in the drivers side pouch. 
I need a patch to denote the first aid pouch. I thought of this one first. 


Then decorum and a bit of being circumspect hit. More later.  


  1. Nice work.

    Ah, the old cougars. They ain't what they used to was...

  2. Nice! Oh . . . . what kind of first aid are you lookin' for?? :)

    1. Oh, well you know. I'm supposed to render the first aid!

  3. Liking it so far. Been in love with Mustangs since 1964.

  4. Nice to get out and actually do something that has a REAL impact! Nice job on the trunk too!

  5. I have obviously been hanging around the wrong vehicles.
    I never knew getting greasy could be so sexy.
    (did I say that out loud?)

  6. Hey, did you know I am cougar? A full 26 days older than TSM.

  7. LOVE the patch - made me cackle. As for the auto work? Very nice.