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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blind Spot!

I really appreciate all those that have commented on the "blind spot" I am creating on the 2013 Mustang. I am touched that you are concerned for my motor vehicle safety. 

The first car I had after being newly minted by the DMV at 16 years old looked like this from the drivers point of view to the rear window. 


Here is the view from the drivers seat to passenger side:

This car did not come with a passenger side mirror. I put one on it. It does not say "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear". Flat glass New Old Stock

The 1966? Looks like this from the drivers POV. 

I am touched by your concern. Fear not. Not only have I managed to merge or change lanes safely for many years, the 2013 has this:

Integral blind spot mirrors. Both sides. To me its an improvement reguardless what happens to the rear quarter windows on the '13. 



  1. Crikey, the rear quarter view in my Scion tC is just like that.
    It's just a matter of adjustment in driving habit.
    I've found that driving faster solves the blind spot problem.

  2. With all due respect, as slow as you drive, even if you do hit something, it's not gonna leave much of a mark. ;-)

    1. Uh, dude. You have never rode with me =)

  3. LOL, I know, but at least YOU have experience with it... Most people don't! (I had a 66 fastback too, and did the same with adding the passenger's side mirror).

  4. I have to say that the one time I drove a Mustang it was a rental. I hated the blind spot. But it was also so seriously under powered that I thought it was going to get me killed trying to merge with traffic on S.CA. highways anyway. "I'll think about it?! Whaddaya mean THINK about it?! The pedal's to the FLOOR!!"

  5. I had a 69 SS Chevelle as a teenager. It had a blind spot much like yours. Meh. Like you said it's all a matter of adjusting to the individual vehicle and driving accordingly. Heck, all my trucks have shells and they're nothing if not huge, window blocking blind spots. Throw in a certain black dog who likes to hang his head out any and all open windows and you've got the perfect storm of obstructed vision driving. The gripping hand is there is no such animal as a vehicle with perfect, unobstructed views all around. Some compromise is a given.