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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Mountain of Geese

Is getting ready to open. A firearm superstore. In a old best buy. One month to opening. Strange that when I got here the Kmart was the thing.

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  1. Only buy stuff "on sale" for maybe, maybe a decent price. I've shopped at that store many times, and have had no problems, but just keep a close eye on the competitor's prices.

  2. I understand your excitement: we're getting a Bass Pro Shop this fall, and a Cabela's next year. It's the first of each to ever be in Alaska.

  3. You will probably be quite disappointed in the lack of reloading supplies. They don't keep much in their stores anymore. Hope the folks they hire as salespeople in the gun department are as friendly as the ones up here.

    Oh, and if you are also a fisherman, check out the fishing department and keep your eyes peeled for black headed jigs with silver mylar tails. Bass and large panfish love them, especially with a chunk of night crawler on the hook for flavor.

  4. Beware of their guns... They tend to overcharge big time, especially on used guns. Ammo prices are okay (if they have any), other stuff can be beat online or at Bass Pro or Cabela's and they both have better quality.

  5. We were promised an open gun range near my home a year ago. I'm still waiting. Driving over an hour to the nearest one has taken its toll with gasoline prices. Luckily I bought my last gun before the elections, because the day after, all the shelves were empty.