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Thursday, March 28, 2013

So working on this...

I have removed most of the allergen media in the house.  

The carpet that came out of the living room and its backing looked like it should have had a hazmat team. 


Hideous green carpet replaced with cut up sawdust with a picture of what real wood looks like. 

So we note this. I don't know why but two holes in the drywall lower left. 


Looks like some drywall repair.  These plates had old school brackets.  So I do some Interwebz research.  I found this. 

Well maybe! I doubt she will be here anytime soon to fix this. 


  1. LOL, one NEVER knows what will be found... And great idea to go to real wood (or a simulation thereof)...

  2. I'm speechless......

    About the drywall repair...

    Our house has lovely hardwood floors that were carpeted some time ago. Last year I hacked out a 36" x 36" square of carpet from around the front entry, and refinished the wood underneath. Now when people come in from rainy weather, the floor mat on the wood soaks up the dirt from their shoes, and the rest of the carpet stays much cleaner.

    The only problem is that it came out so good, my wife wants to tear ALL the carpet out and refinish the floors.....

    1. Well, good luck with that! I love it so far.

  3. Did that in my house - then - put in laminate flooring.
    Then, lost my home! :-(
    Now rooming with carpeting and pets, again. Vacuuming should be a daily task, but isn't.

    Good Luck!

  4. Was there a drywall repair how to in there somewhere?
    I was having a hard time concentrating.

  5. First. Where the heck was she when I was doing drywall? Second. I could come over and help you with that Kelly but I'm afraid I don't look that good in a bikini.