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Friday, January 4, 2013

This Dude is Back. I'm not Happy!

Sorry for the absence.  Remember this little project?  Well we had some "feature creep".  Go figure.  That invalidated the licenses I had for the operator workstationsSo I wander off to get upgraded.  I thought I could just plug in the new license code for the SAME FREAKING SOFTWARE just upgraded from 15 screens to 30. NOPE!

After attempting the oh, 4 GIG download three times at work, I figure everyone is hogging the TWC Business Class bandwidth to look at You Tube, streaming Pandora, downloading uh, stuff.  Whatever.  I'm not in charge of the Interwebz connectionI tell my manager I'm going home to download the stuff and burn a DVD.

So here again is this dude. 


I hate this guy!

I'll be back later as we actually ran the stuff using VNC to the development workstation and a batch of stuff was made this week.  That will not help the production schedule next week though

Oh, other activities are heating up too.  Just to make it interesting. Oh, joy.


  1. Yep, I know the feeling.

    We're getting cranked up for the next launch. They put the satellite into the Payload Fairing ("Nose Cone") on Monday, so they have me coming in at noon so we can do the RF testing with few people in the building.

    Wednesday it gets rolled over to the ship and bolted on to the front of the rocket, and transferred to the Launch Platform on Saturday.

    Sunday we do our final tests, and then the LP leaves for the launch site on Tuesday, with us following on Saturday, a week from tomorrow.

    Gonna be pretty nutty around there until the LP leaves!

  2. Ah yes, bandwith... sigh... And you're probably MORE correct than you know. Years ago at USC, we did a set of routine 'sweeps' of urls being accessed and over 60% of the bandwidth was shopping channels, youtube, videos and pron sites (and these were people that were supposed to be WORKING)...