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Monday, January 28, 2013

From the Bench...and Kitchen!

Sorry for the absence. After taking my day off after classes I seemed to have picked up a bug that forced me to the doctor last Wednesday.  I am still getting over it, but at least I heard this conversation. 

Radiologist: "Can you remove those". 

Patient: "Sure. I will require two shots of Tequila, some K-Y jelly and some pliers".

Radiologist: * blink, blink* "No, this will work".

From the Bench?  The proverbial "Bag 'O Gun". A friend brought it to me.  


I told him that the pain would be great to him because I did not get it this far and now I have to figure it out. 

A Springfield XD something.  I will let it sit here for now. I have other pressing matters. 

Contrary to popular belief, I'm just not fueled with coffee, Camels, and Hoppes #9.  Sometimes you have to do what might be loosely defined as cooking something.

An old comfort food recipe for Veggie beef soup.  You start here with boiling the stew beef. 

Insert British joke here. 

Then, just add this stuff.

Just like me, this soup is pedestrian, functional, and will fill the need but somewhat sorta bland (Sorry Ma!).

Enter my Blog friend Brigid that thoughtfully sent me some Penzey spice bliss some time ago.  



Just three of these peppers totally changed the recipe.  The smell in the house is wonderful and sampling all night has been wonderful

I cannot wait to try these on a traditional South Carolina low country dish, the chicken bog.  I always rely as others on Tabasco or Texas Pete to bring the heat to that dish.  These peppers are awesome! 



  1. Replies
    1. Chicken Bog is a a South Carolina low country dish that involves chicken, rice and polish sausage.

      Yes Penzey's is the bomb!

  2. Now, look - there is absolutely NO reason you couldn't have tossed some bacon in that pot when it was dry, then brown all that meat - in portions, mind you - before dumping water on top. The Maillard reaction process will oomph that recipe to its proper glory.

    1. Ah, an excellent modification! I will try that next time out! Thanks!

  3. Hope you kick that bug out fast... get well...

    Dann in Ohio

  4. Food and guns. Life is good my friend!

  5. Hopefully that radiology conversation was to a patient who was about to get an x-ray and not to some poor soul who was headed to get an MRI.

    Good luck with the puzzle gun.

    Hopefully the home cooked food with the hot peppers will speed your recovery. Get well soon!