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Monday, January 14, 2013

Annie get your gun! Fast Holster Review

How quickly can you get your gun?  I agree that the best option is on the body carry but I do like to sleep occasionally.

For me here at stately manor I do not have some issues others may have.  I live alone but for many there are State and Federal Laws concerning accessibility of Firearms by minors.  For me its NCGS 14-315.1  At the very least its the Youth Handgun Safety Act on the Federal level for everyone else.

Biometric access works and I have one example here.  There is a problem with trusting electronics to read your fingerprint and fire a solenoid to open the door though.  If there was not, they would not give you a key to manually open the thing. 

Me, well here is the nightstand. 



Um, yeah that is a Heathkit GC-1108 alarm clock.  I bought it new and assembled it a long time ago.  It will not die.  

Wait, I digress.  We were talking about the FAST Holster. 

It looks like this for long guns out of the box.



It is a really strong magnet!  So we get to it to see if it will do what I ask of it.  Hang a Winchester shotty off of it. 

Guess what?  It works!  


I'm impressed!  It shipped from Indy real quick and cheap enough.  They make them in several sizes and I will be getting more. 



  1. That's pretty cool. I have a similar magnet under the night stand next to my bed, from which hangs a 1911.

  2. I have one mounted to the frame under the bed and another one in the bookcase.

  3. Interesting, but I 'hope' you're actually going to store it barrel down... :-P

    1. Dude, its not going to hang there forever! It gets shot!

  4. Huh. Never thought of that sort of "holster".

    After grandbaby gets mobile I'll have to start thinking about putting things away. I've wondered about the reliability of biometric.

    1. I don't have a problem with the bio stuff, just charge or change the batteries on a regular basis.

  5. What about those plastic body guns? Will they hang on it?