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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Inverse HAL

So at the requisite time of '0 dark thirty last night instead of this:

I get the house alarm going off telling me that the garage door is open.  This is strange as this means that the motion detector is not going off nor the heat detector.  The door frame has been moved upward, not a panel kicked in, meaning the door has opened. 

So I break a rule and go to the area.  There is a steel door from the garage to the kitchen. No sounds heard from the kitchen or garage and the alarm monitoring company is now calling. 
Hmmm.....  look out into the garage and find...... nothing but an open door.  So I pull the remote batteries from the cars in the garage and the external keypad, lock HAL into "vacation mode" and go to bed. 

Tonight, I release vacation mode and wait.  My perverse version of at the very best a TTL version of HAL has gone rogue it seems.  It will open oh, just about anytime it feels like it.  Sigh.... The opener was here when I bought the house and it looks like I have a project for this Saturday. 

This version of HAL is getting so disconnected! I also doubt it will be singing "Daisy" when I do the deed. 


  1. We're all glad there was no break-in, and that you're safe.

  2. Ouch... Never heard of 'that' particular problem...

  3. Huh. Hope mine doesn't develop that talent. I loves my automatic garage door opener.

  4. Me too glad your safe. Hope you are feeling better too.

  5. A few years back we had some trouble with a randomly opening garage door. The problem went away when we moved the remote to a place where Gracie the cat could no longer do a jig on the button. Since you have not cat, that can't be the problem.

    Silly question, but does the new car have the remote control signal programmed into it? If it does, could it be opening the door in a seemingly random fashion? Have you tried disconnecting the battery on the new car to make sure it isn't the culprit?

    Good luck changing out the opener this weekend!

  6. Glad you're OK. And watch out... That unit might just evolve...