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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Home Entertainment Systems

They are getting out of hand. Kids these days with the Apple Airplay, HDMI stuff, iPods, PS3. Bah! Back in the day, plug this in.

You were done! 

Home entertainment at its finest! 
I carry a albatross. I sold stereo equipment back in the day.


At Radio Shack. In 1981.  Yes I did it with a straight face. You know, back when you could actually buy something besides a cell phone from them.

It got worse as I moved to the "high end" audio store.  

I got busted by a young friend when he came by and commented that my current amp said stuff like "VDP, VCR1", etc.

So you used to get a new something or other and stare at the wiring diagram that looked like this.  Then you read the horrible Japrish manual composed of the bad Japanese translation. Then after perusing the manual you run across some footnote that says "if its your stuff, none of these diagrams will help. See appendix W for your instructions."

So, I get a new amp this week.  First disconnect the old Denon. 



The new stuff has went the other way.  I was sorta insulted as I start the "setup".


Then calibrate the new amp.  Seriously?  Yes. It came with a microphone. 


Power up and this is the first thing it wants to do:


Phone home for a firmware upgrade! Sheesh. An hour. Whats this thing running, Windows XP?

Then finally it all comes together. 

Run the thing with the phone? Check. Even the iPod. The speed of data running around over the home Wi-Fi is impressive. 




Here is the display on the TV at the same time.  

That is impressive. Of course I am easily amused so your mileage may vary. 

Eh, the kids have some good tricks. I will entertain them for a time =)


  1. Just be glad you can still hear well enough to enjoy it! :-) And yeah, the toys are getting more complicated!!!

  2. Makes me want to dig out the ol' Fisher FM receiver/amplifier and hook it up to the Garrard turn-table and the Acoustic Research speakers... next to my ol' Pioneer rack system from the 70s....

    Good stuff Kelly...

    Dann in Ohio

    1. Thanks Dann! I can still run the old school stuff!

  3. Tube amps.
    Grado cartridges and styluses (styli?).
    Full Frequency Range Recording LPs.

    Just an analog guy stuck in a digital world.