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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hey! Old NFO!

My friend and shooting buddy Old NFO scored an M1 Carbine sometime ago. I owe him some ammo as I shot some of his toys last time I was up in Banjo Country

The White Truck of happiness brought this to my other friend Mr. Curmudgeon last week. 


From the CMP.  Lake City stuff for the Carbine.  I'll bring you 150 rounds, but you have to let me shoot it! I just might bring mine as well for a reunion!


  1. Looks like someone's gonna have some fun!

  2. If you guys wanna do that up this way, we got a couple more carbines that can join in. Make it a carbine day at 340.

  3. Yep the BBTH delivered mine on Saturday... And let's get together and see what we can shoot up!!! :-) I agree with Murph!

  4. I can't imagine anything more pleasant that a few old friends getting together to shoot a few old carbines. If I lived closer I'd try to wangle an invitation to your next date with the cute little rifles.