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Friday, February 22, 2013

Mystery Tool Revealed. And Sadness....

In my last post I asked about the function of a mystery tool. A first time commenter John got it right. The reason I whipped it out was because the wiper arms on the 1966 Mustang were less than presentable. 

No matter what I did, I could not remove the rust. So after removal I awaited the replacements. Then sadness. Here is the sticker for the arm. 

Um. yeah "more correct". Sorta like "somewhat pregnant". Best I could get without spending a boat load of money on NOS stuff. 

I'm sorry. This is correct.

This is not.


So, I will put the new arm and wiper assemblies on the '66.  I always watched the people at car shows pushing the cars out of trailers and they were perfect. Too perfect. Bless them, but I always enjoyed scraping the bugs off the windshield after driving 100 miles or so to get to the show. 

I have become more interested in function rather than "correct" or "pretty" in many areas of my life but it is hard to accept less than perfect in these matters just because it had to be so oh, way back when.



  1. Safe queens are NO fun... If you're not driving it, WHY do you own it??? I asked a classic car owner that once, and he COULD NOT answer me...

    1. NFO, exactly! These get run on regular intervals.

  2. Yeah. It's like the guys who buy the nice Harleys and TRAILER them to Deadwood every year.