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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


So at work today one of my friends is trying to find low brass .12 ga #7 shells for rabbits.  Make no mistake, he and his family eat them.  As his Father comments while they are hunting he says you can get #X shot (I can't remember what number it was) and use it if they are in range. I told him: "Hell, you can use a rock if they are in range".  That garnered some laughter. 

The next one?  A old friend commented tonight on the events of the day.  I will leave you with this one.  "So I served in the Army during the Korea era and they taught me how to shoot a M1 Garand and Carbine and I took an oath to defend the Constitution.  Now they are trying to tell me I can't have a Carbine in my house!  Pound sand!

Enough said my friend!    



  1. Ditto. They can tell us lots of things ... but they can't make it stick.