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Saturday, July 10, 2010

A young man and his Grandfathers gun!

So today I met a Father and his son to shoot the handgun presented to the grandson by the 90 year old Grandfather. The Grandfather is wise, his grandson had to show that he has been trained in the proper use of a firearm. It is a rite of passage sadly fading now. I meet them at a restaurant for lunch and head to the range. The son proudly and correctly presents the single action handgun to the range personnel for inspection. In the original box is a small bottle of "J.C. Higgins gun oil" (courtesy of Sears, Roebuck and Company), one round of .22 short and a really neat leather holster for the handgun.

So we get to it on the range. 12 rounds go perfect by the young man and then the pistol decides to throw the ejector housing and all it holds down range. Everyone looks at me like I just strangled a golden retriever or something. Call clear range and get the pieces. Thankfully I found the screw that hold this to the pistol.

Short intermission and back at it! I finally ask if I can shoot it and he approves my request. Neat little single action! Tight action, cylinder is tighter than on many S&W or Colt's I have shot. This gun has not been fired a lot! Sight picture is different but it seems that the gun will put the bullet where you point! 

This gun appears to have been made from 1968 to 1973 based on the grips. It is a Ruger Bearcat and after getting it back here I am stunned at the detail for this little gun:

Look at the cylinder!

Wow! I am impressed! And it seems that this gun shares many things with this one!

A good day and a young man with his Grandfathers pistol! Brought them back to stately manor and he was instructed how to disassemble and clean it. My good deed done for the day!

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday night! I know this young man and his father had a great afternoon!


  1. It is a nice looking gun. I love the engraved art.

  2. @Supi- I never expected that on this gun! The entire cylinder is engraved! I am so happy for the young man to have this! What is even stranger is the fact that the Father who I have known for over twenty years admitted today at the range that he is scared of guns. And his Father was a Marine! So it goes. I am so grateful and proud to do this for them.

    It is a beautiful little pistol!

  3. Kelly, Very nice of you to teach the young man how to use the gun. I too like the design, I'm sure he will treasure such a nice hand gun..

  4. I once had an "Old Model" (3-screw) Bearcat. Lovely little gun. Just remember that this is pre-transfer bar and needs to be carried with five beans in the wheel. :)

  5. @Tam-Thanks for the information! Since the father is adamant about not having ammo in the house with the gun, I don't really worry about that, but could you expound on the pre-transfer bar? The NRA assembly manual is a bit light on that.

  6. @Tam, never mind! Got the skills on the transfer bar! And five beans in the wheel is good advise! Thanks!