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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shooting Lesson!

My labor of love for today is done. 13 year old young man learning to shoot. He is going to Boy Scout summer camp and wants the merit badge for rifle shooting.

They use bolt action single shot rifles in .22LR caliber I am told. I did not have a rifle fitting that description so I went with a Winchester Model 9422 lever action in .22 Magnum. One of the first long rifles I shot as a "young man". Also got to teach basic safety, marksmanship and orentation with revolvers and semi-auto handguns. Did some dry fire here as well before heading to the range.

Young man comported himself well. I have never been called "Mr. Eads" until today! Man, I must be getting old!

He shot consistently in the nine ring with the rifle by the time we were done.  He also shot a Colt .38 Detective Special and the range people gave him a Beretta 92FS to try out. Young man did well! Range personnel were fantastic and very supportive. I agree with their enthusiasm to get young people involved in the shooting sports.

Sadly most people do not get to lesson two "Cleaning and Maintenance". I think this young man will be back for that, but in the meantime:

I will say that the takedown screw that has a curved slot that just fits a quarter perfectly is genius!


  1. @stopsign- it was demanding and great! He will do well!

  2. Is this the 1 you was referring to for first time shooters..Mr. Eads :)