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Monday, June 28, 2010

Time, Space, Distance...Part Three

I leave Independence VA. I want to take VA-94 to Fries VA. This route is also called the "old way" and the "high water bridge" way to get to Fries from Galax. But I see "ROAD CLOSED" signs for 94. I do not know why this occurred, but must go back to Galax to take the "new way" into the town. I do not know why the distinctions were made, both routes have always been there as long as I remember.

Click on any picture to enlarge!

But the high water route is special to me. Here is a Google overhead of this old steel girder bridge over the New River:
Here is a more intimate shot!

And yes taken from the passenger side of the ostentatious ride! I cherish the picture more now because I know that this bridge I will never cross again. An overloaded tractor trailer damaged it. It will be replaced with a pristine sterile bridge I am sure.

So after a really big lunch at my Aunt's house I and many others head to the family house:

One of my cousins is a professional photographer and wanted to get pictures of my Grandparents children in the house that is currently undergoing restoration.

First is a recreation of this photo taken some time ago:

Here is the current version:

I have lost an Uncle and two Aunt's in the time frame between these photos. And in case you are wondering the couch is the same and many Naugas gave their hides for this couch! I slept on it many times.

So for now the house is alive once again with footsteps, voices, and laughter. Stories told of times past and life lived here in this place. I have the same stories for this place but one generation removed.

 Then we head upstairs:
Once again, since 1968 off and on there is a Mustang parked here:
Upstairs below where I took the shot of the Mustang we find this:

I am told that this was my equivalent of a car seat back in the day. It was passed down to at least one Aunt for her child.

The house had some great features, it had integral directory assistance:

I have volunteered to take care of the phone. Northern Telecom and should still work.

In a previous post on Fathers Day I posted a picture of the back yard. Here is what it looks like now:

As quickly as everyone converged and brought the house to life again, they leave. The house is silent once again. The house is still in the family however and I am reminded of a post from someone else that said: "And still the sun will set on us that we ensure our own shadow is cast upon ground that pleases us best. While we can." How true. I will defend this place and although it is not mine, I feel that it is. I grew up here. Learned many things about self reliance and will of the human spirit. Learned to shoot a shotgun here, fish, and if you see a snake in the garden, shoot it!

Time to go:

This is very sterile driving.

So after retuning home, a toast to the people I carried to their graves and the thanks for what they taught me.


  1. I am so flattered to be included in this lovely remembrance. I think I'd like to have that upstairs view as my own...very nice.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Your family is a real treasure.

  3. Kelly thanks for sharing.Do you plan on going back after all the restorations are done to do an update? Your mom still looks great!

  4. @LauraB- No, the honor is mine as your words fit right in! I am no wordsmith by any stretch of the imagination but you most certainly are!

    @Supi- You are most welcome and yes they are truly a treasure!

    @stopsign, I try to get up there at least once a year. The work is progressing slowly, I have no idea when work will be completed on the house. I am sure that Pop will tell here after he reads the post.

  5. @LauraB- you have not seen anything yet for a view, the New River is down there! View from the front porch is coming soon on a cotton mill town retro Sunday!