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Friday, June 11, 2010

Small Town Get Together

The Troopers Gal has a wonderful post on small town living. So does B. Sonia has a couple of pictures up of a car show. I currently live in a small town and got a chance to show off a little bit today. The City has a "drive-in" every month downtown. So I came home after work and grabbed this and motored off to Main Street.

Click on pics to enlarge!
First, we arrive at the courthouse. Complete with a Confederate Memorial front and center.

Then we find a place to park:

Now for something to eat! I could go to the Lunch Box or the Oasis sandwich shop across the street. The Lunch Box is a relative newcomer to the scene but they seem to have found a niche. Deep fried everything! Since I ate there for lunch this week I chose the Oasis.

I went to the Oasis for a couple of hot dogs, chips and lemon-aid! Served as always on a metal tray with a Christmas theme on it. A shadow box on the wall containing a paper hat marked "Oasis" testifies as to the longevity of the establishment. Various paintings of the landmarks of the City also adorn the walls. I sat out on the sidewalk to admire the cars. The Ford hearse was interesting!

The Oasis is on the right of the Center theater, the hood of my '71 is in the foreground.

The mix of old cars and new provided an interesting shot:

A very nice Thunderbird was in attendance:

Finally, a look down Main Street from end to end:

I grew up in a much larger town and initially disliked my adapted town, but I have grown to really enjoy living here and I can always take a short drive if I need to get into trouble!

Then back home!
Yes the '94 GT has not earned the right to be in the garage and must respect its elders in that regard!  

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Mine started off great!


  1. Hey very good...Is this the car you're going to let me borrow???

  2. @ Stopsign- not after you told me how you drive!

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  4. Keads, You really did a great job on this one..And your small town looks like a great place..