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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Consumer Warning!

Here we have De-evolving exhibit #3. Sometimes this stuff just jumps up and screams at you!

So let me get this straight. Somebody buys something that says "Clorox Automatic Shower Cleaner", installs it and thinks, "Hey, I can shave 5 minutes off of the morning shower if I just stand there and press the button! I don't even have to cut the water on!". We are doomed I say! 

This rates right up there with "Do not iron while wearing" and "Do not look at laser with remaining good eye"!


  1. A warning like that says a lot about the peoples.

  2. @USA-Indeed Sir! I am amazed at the difference in Colt manuals with a 30 year or so gap. The older ones told you how to clean it and basic sight picture, that is all! The new ones have "OMG Don't shoot anything" every other page.

    The peoples are sheepls!