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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nurse in WWII Photo Dies

From the Washington Post comes the news that the nurse in this photo has died:

Link to LIFE photo here of a sailor on V-J Day

Rest in Peace Edith Shain.


  1. Remember this photo from when I was a kid, always liked it.

  2. My Dad went to England to serve in the 8th Air Force in WWII, came back and married his gal and a generation later decided to adopt me. I missed out on many of the stories, but looking through his things I remember that magazine and that photo. I hope we never forget why we were there and how good it was to come home to America.

  3. @B. I hope we do not forget either, but I fear that as a country we have. I will not forget however! That is why I try to support the memorials here where I live. I feel the need to teach others how this country became what it is. Do not get me started on the USS North Carolina or USS Laffey;I do get wound up and explain what people are looking at and the sacrifices made by the crew on them when I am on those ships, LOL!

    I also carry a Combat Commander M1911, but have signed up for a Glock Armorer class. I am a true dichotomy just like you, especially after your last post on feminism!

    I am old school but I must evolve into the new generation of firearms. You surpass me on that young lady and your blog is simply amazing. Stripping the veneer away and presenting yourself as you do takes courage. I take great strength from that!

    Thanks for being here!