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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What? This is bad!

From the President of the USS Laffey (DD-724) Association:

All hands:
Here is the latest on the ship.
Bob Wampler and myself will be meeting with Dick Trammell next week to find out what in the heck is going on. I don't think this will come as a surprise to everyone. It has looked like this could have been a posibility for a year now. Let's just hope that something good will come of it.
I promise to keep everyone informed after the meeting. But it could be October until we learn what they can do.
Does anyone have a berth for a famous WWII Destroyer?????
Hull should last another 20+ years and it comes with free labor to keep her looking good.
I'll let you know next week.

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I am livid! Spend nine million for repair and then decide she could not berth where she was before repair? Or need another 2 mill for a new berth? No one saw this coming? And now they say they can't take care of the Yorktown or Clagamore?

I know that the tourists routinely complain on the Yorktown, North Carolina, and Laffey about the steep narrow stairs, no air conditioning, no restrooms on board (There are on the North Carolina and Yorktown BTW). But last I heard these ships were not commissioned by Carnival Cruise Lines....Sheesh!

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