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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Retro Sunday!

Today's entry is a bit special to me for many reasons. I hope you enjoy!

No GPS, no cruise control, no OBD-II electronics, no fuel injection, no airbags (except maybe the driver),  no intermittent wipers, no anti-lock brakes, no automatic climate control, no digital anything. But with all the perceived shortcomings, what does it offer?

Distinct styling:

Truth in advertising:

A simple user interface:


Mechanics you can work on:

For me this is more than a car, it is a time machine. My father bought it new, I drove it in high school, rebuilt the engine while in college, and the cosmetic restoration is approaching the 20 year mark.

The 1971 Mustang was the longest, heaviest mustang ever made. (Little comfort to anyone in the back seat however =). It was available in 7 different engines, 3 rooflines and 6 models. A far cry from "any color as long as it is black".  

We will talk about the little red one on another Retro Sunday! 

I hope everyone has a great week! 



  1. Mr. Eads Hope you have a great week sounds like you have already started to have fun...

  2. @stopsign- Why thanks! Hope you enjoy vacation!