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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm Confused

The "Uptown Crowd" in Charlotte always makes a big thing of any event that chooses to make the Queen City the destination for activities on a regional or national level. They always spout numbers on the economic impact of the tax revenues, restaurant numbers, jobs, and such drivel.

Curiously absent from this fevered pep rally for a totally dysfunctional broke city with a crime rate that might make Chicago blush is the arrival of the National NRA convention in less than a month. There has been little to no coverage of the economic boon slated to arrive in the local media.

And I have to wonder why the NRA choose here. I can't legally carry to the convention on foot? If I drive to Charlotte (or park somewhere and use the totally superfluous light rail). Excuse me?

The Colt Collectors Association Annual Convention was held last year in Concord, NC and I had no problems.

I do not understand!

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