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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Oh noes, the killer geese are attacking the community college! I really did not expect that! Zombies maybe but not this!  I can haz hazardous duty pay?


  1. Twice in the last week, LawDog has had to fish my Praline out of the local lake, because she wantses a goose so badly, precious. First they were standing on a pier and then *bloop!* she's in the water in wet pursuit. Thank goodness for harnesses. Geese are mean. I hope she never catches one.

  2. @Phlegm,

    Yes geese are mean! These two have set up a nest and are very protective of it. Problem is they made it right next to a classroom with full length windows on that wall. So they are catching it from indoors and outdoors.

    I hope Praline does not catch one either!

  3. This is a sneak peek at the world if environmentalists ran it. We'd be up to our necks in protected goose crap.

  4. Enviros do run the community college!

  5. Hey, geese are dangerous!

    (Hope this doesn't get caught in a filter -- I'm a real person, honest, and that link is not just on topic, it's also hilarious...)

  6. @pax,

    That was funny stuff! Thx!