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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Glock Armorer Class Review

First, tune out the fact that 30 other people have a pistol dry firing in close proximity to you. That drove me nuts at the NRA convention too.

Then start with this:

And make it look like this (minus the sights):

Then make it look like this:
Wash, Rinse, Repeat!

Put a NY trigger spring in, take it out. Put it back together without the trigger spring. Put the trigger spring back in, etc.

If you attend one of these classes, I suggest wearing your safety glasses ALL THE TIME! You may be done but the person next to you may not be. I will say that Glock springs and attached hardware have amazing speed and distance figures if they get away from someone!

Best one liner from the class: "Safeties can't fix stupid"! 

Actually I enjoyed the class and found out that Glock will begin full manufacturing operations in GA. So you think you will be able to buy a USA made Glock? WRONG! These are being built for export to countries that will not import from Austria.


  1. The Knack. Engineering fun!

  2. @Supi- absolutely! I have cross linked if you don't mind!