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Saturday, July 31, 2010

UPDATE! Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more...

First congratulations to my newly minted students is in order! Thanks so much for being truly engaging throughout the day! I really get tired of saying "is this thing on?" or "hey people this is not television, talk to me!" during my 11+ years of being a IT instructor. I never had to invoke those words today! Motivated people that want to know subject matter and ask engaging questions is the best teaching environment EVER for an instructor!

The small down side is the subject matter and tools at hand are a bit more dangerous than an Excel spreadsheet (Well unless you are ENRON or something)! I am responsible for their safety as well as mine and anybody else roaming around. I must say that although an old saw is "those that can't, teach" is equally rebuked by the old saw "You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother."

I have not carried a briefcase in years, but today I did and the contents along with the "other bag" are much more entertaining than any quarterly report most carry:

I am truly humbled by two mothers that drove 4 hours round trip and a small business owner that left his trade in the hands of others to make the effort to hear what I had to say today. I hope they found it worth the effort.

Again, congratulations to my students today! You comported yourselves well on all three areas of testing, I hope you continue this! You know this is only the beginning! The true journey begins now.   


  1. Kelly, Your a Great teacher.I didnt even mind spending 8 hours in class today :) and this is only the beginning for me! I'm really wanting to learn more......Hoping that it not to long before I see my OLD friend again :)

  2. @stopsign- Just stop driving me crazy on this subject and we will be fine! When other people notice "things" it gets a bit testy! There were comments after the fact.

    I have to say though you did good! I was not expecting that! We will get you there. Just slow up and remember that what you have in you hand is not a butter knife!

  3. I'm glad there are teachers like you out there.

    i'm drawing a blank on retro Sunday but perhaps some early gun and ammo advertisements.

  4. Think I know what you mean now! Sorry! I do tend to get overly excited! Must learn to control that instinct!

  5. @B.- Great idea! I think I have just the thing in the bat cave! Thanks! Happy birthday to you young lady! It has been proven statistically that people that have more birthdays live longer!

    @stopsign- Just relax and you will do fine!