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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Showboat is Here!

The "Showboat" painting is here. Pictures do not do it justice! It is beautiful! So now we get to play the where to hang it game. My first choice right now is:

First thing you see when you open the front door! I will get it framed and get a light for it. Any home decorators that want to pull an AIRPLANE! Johnny on me and start up with the "Sheesh those drapes and that chair are hidious" stuff are also welcome to post!

The artist is a joy to work with and she really researches her subjects! DD-724 is next!


  1. As long as you can walk through your living room that isn't a path and you are not setting off 15 bug bombs calling it cleaning for your guests which result in 1000's upon 1000's of dead bugs on the floor that wasn't cleaned up, you won't hear me complaining about drapes and chairs.

  2. Love your view from your balcony, Actually I like the green carpet (green is my favorite color) but just not so sure about your drapes..Are they burgandy? You have a nice home! Thanks for sharing your photos! Now I'm going to have to rent the movie" AirPlane" I had almost forgotton what a funny movie that was. Thanks :)