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Friday, June 4, 2010

What is Smith and Wesson Thinking Indeed!

The always enjoyable blog of Tam lamented the marketing department efforts of S&W lately. Although based on my blog posts one could assume I am a Colt kind of person (true there), there are the occasional S&W revolvers to be found here and there at stately manor. Oh and the Historian letters are cheaper and quicker if you can handle the lack of spell check and proofreading from Roy Jenkins.

But the last e-mail from S&W has me in total agreement with Tam on this one. And I venture that even the lunkheads at Colt marketing have not thought of this:
 Give the link a moment as S&W seems to not spend a lot of money on Web tech. If you do not want to wait, here is one offering for Fathers Day from the e-mail

Description: "This special collectors edition set comes with the igniting Smith & Wesson Men's Cologne in a 3.4 oz perfect fitting refill bottle, one large front and one large back metal frame with screws and a tooling kit. All this is beautifully set in a distinctive Smith & Wesson custom engraved Cherry Wood presentation case." All of this can be had for $124.95!

I'm sorry S&W, I think I will stay with my pedestrian cologne!  Perhaps yours smells like burnt gunpowder with a hint of Hoppes #9? I think that "igniting" is not an adjective I would want to use for a firearm enthusiast for a cologne!



  1. Does is smell like cordite?

    Have you seen AK-47 Russian Vodka and Tommy Gun Vodka Bottles?

  2. @Supi- I have not! But in my defense I tend to lead a sheltered life! Need to get out more I suppose!