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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Retro Sunday! WWII Escape map?

Happy Fathers Day everyone! I have a map and not really sure about the history and purpose of it. I assume it is an escape map or life boat map for AAF personnel. Two sided, one side is marked "C-52 Japan and South China Seas" and the other side is marked "C-53 East China Seas" Here is a picture:
Some close ups of nomenclature:
Finally, in honor of Fathers Day a picture of my Father taken yesterday:

I'm hoping for a Tamalanche on this one. The last time she crosslinked I had a wealth of information from fellow bloggers! I would like to know how to care for it and display it.


  1. From my quick search on the net it is escape cloth. It is made from silk. From your photo, this map looks like it is in excellent condition.

    Your dad looks good there holding your treasure.

  2. Thanks Supi! Not bad for just turning 70 for him! I think it is in excellent condition and hope it is not a fake! But judging from a folded US flag at his house that he is very secretive about I think it is real. No civilians fold a flag that well!

  3. I think maybe your Dad's the one that's the treasure!

  4. @debi- He at least is an original! And truly he is a treasure. It just took a long time for us to find common ground.

  5. I can tell you the best way to preserve that and any flag is not by folding but by rolling it around a acid-free tube and wrap it in acid-free paper. Mounting is an option but has to be done properly also.

    I was hunting up the tube awhile back and found them at a library supplies shop but they were not cheap.

  6. The map your father is displaying is a life raft chart. They were included in the supplies os each aircafts emergency kit in case of shoot-down or (more likely) engine failure. The chart is printed on Rayon Acetate, just like the best hawaiian shirts and as such is pretty durable.A cool iron will get the folds and wrinkles out.I would guess your father flew in B-29s out of Guam or one of the other Marianas.