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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Local Media FAIL!

One of the local TV stations will not show a 30 second PSA of this video as "it's too graphic". Excuse me WSOC, or We Scare Our City with "it bleeds it leads" local news? I do have to say that this technically is one of the best special effects efforts I have ever witnessed, especially for a public service announcement.  The crash is truly horrific.

Quick demonstration of the special effects is here, but they really chose the background music badly. Best to leave it off in my opinion.


  1. Kelly, the commercial is so sad, But the truth is there are so many teenagers and adults texting everyday when they should be watching the road. A lot of lives are taken each year for this reason..I wish every teenager could watch this commercial......I do agree with you on the music on the second..

  2. Yeah, they could have done without the music.

    A guy in his early-early twenties was texting while driving on a two-lane bridge out here in The Sticks. He veered into the oncoming traffic. Yeah, he died - but what was worse was the fact that he put all four people in the other car in intensive care. Stupidity should be painful, but not to innocent parties just trying to drive across the bridge!


  3. @sarahandmom- I agree if someone is being stupid they deserve the consequences, not innocent people around them! Thanks for visiting!