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Monday, June 21, 2010

Time, Space, Distance...Part One

I believe that the comedian Steven Wright said during one routine that "Space and time were invented so we would not have to do everything at once and not at the same place".  I had an opportunity to expound on that recently. I used time to create distance and arrived in a different space.That space in turn created a different time.

Family reunion in the mountains of Southwest Virgina. Certain places along the way include Fancy Gap, Low Gap, high water bridge, low water bridge, Top Street, Riverview Street, and so many others. So after starting out from Winston-Salem, NC the trip unfolds. I could have chosen another car for the trip, but I chose the same model of car that I roamed these mountains with over 30 years ago. A 5 dollar chrome image of a horse leads the way yet again (Note: if you are restoring a Mustang, they are no longer 5 bucks). This particular horse led the way to Virginia from 1971 to 1988. It is retired and sits on top of my home office desk:

Click on any picture to enlarge! 
Besides, the other car is a bit ostentatious for where I am going.  

The parents head out and so do I. First up we hit Pilot Mountain (or "Mount Pilot" of Andy Griffith Show fame)

Then we turn around to see the same barn that was there when I was a young man with several dates here (easier in the daylight):

And the journey continues but instead of taking Interstate 74 to I-77 I  chose the path less traveled. The Interstate is bland, sterile and typical of Federal DOT standards. The load of vacationers going home from the beach also influences my choice. I want to feel the road from my youth once again. It used to be the only way from Winston to our family home and I look forward to the once familiar road:
Yes, once again this town was otherwise known as "Mayberry" from the Andy Griffith Show. I am not going to Mt. Airy on NC 89 though, I am going north to the Virgina border. Although I have very good friends here that I have not seen in many years constraints of time prohibit my stopping.

This is more like it! I know this was a good decision as soon as I see this:

Two lane road and in front is a man in a pickup with his dog out to do whatever they need to do today. The soft rolling hills only hint at what awaits. No vacationers here.

The road ahead hints at some heel and toe work if I so choose. I am going up the mountain. I chose the heel and toe work if traffic allows. Oh, and bonus points if you wave at the oncoming vehicles. For the true people in these parts its expected!

This is the last shot you have for passing anybody before you get to the mountain. As you can see I have availed myself of the chance for the double lines are ahead. So the mountain is mine as far as I can see. I heard the roar of the 302 engine just as I have heard the roar of the 351 so many years ago. There is no traction control other than your skill and luck in such endeavors. Although my Mother drove the 351 when I could comfortably sleep in the floorboard of that car I am sure she never contemplated what I have routinely asked of "her" car. Her car now lives in semi retirement in my garage. I have asked another to make this pilgrimage. 

See you in part two!


  1. What a great post! I hope you had a wonderful time with your family.

    Your neck of the woods have the same looking barns as ours.

    Love your video. Mustangs definitely bring back memories.

    I am looking forward to Part 2.

  2. @Supi- My fault! I really wanted the video to be at the last of this post but this became bigger than one post!

    Glad you liked it! I will put it into perspective in part two!

    Too many images and memories from the past to compartmentalize. Much less attempts to be proficient at grammar and such! But I feel this is important. I must tell the story. This generation is slipping away and I feel obligated to tell the story.


  3. Kelly, Really like your post.Some Great photos too..Hoping you had a great family reunion..

  4. Ah yes, the car-to-car wave. Aficionados of the art will know that the proper form is to place your right hand at 12 o'clock on the steering wheel and your left elbow should be extended out of your open truck window. The wave consists of raising your index finger and wagging it exactly twice before passing the oncoming vehicle. The proper slouch is essential, and bonus points are awarded if you're wearing dirty bib "overhauls" and a squashed ball cap advertising Massey-Ferguson tractors.

  5. @Steve- Or a International Harvester or CAT ball cap! +1 on the traditional wave!